The Golden Childhood

Kindergarten at Central Public School

The first year of childhood are the most important in development and learning. 

At Central Public School we have designed a programme where your child will grow and learn the most during this foundational period. 

Studying at Central Public School will not only ensure good results in the secondary examination, but will also embibe good human values as individual.

Our each programme is made specifically for the age, needs,interest and development level of your child. 

The unique feature of this school system, head, heart & hands are nourished at appropriate ages in non-stressful learning environment.

Teachers nurture and mentor their pupils’ intellectual and overall personality development. Further the school is stationed at a area which is populated mainly by the underprivileged section of community. 

It is our dream and challenge to find out the genius minds from the class of pupil and to blossom them in order to become a respectable citizen of the country.  

Central Public School - Child Education Block
Best School in Barrackpore

We have been persistently serving more than a decade educating and grooming thousands of the students during these years.  We strongly believe the inner meaning of the quote which was penned by Sir Albert Eienstein “YOU NEED NOT TO KNOW EVERY THING, YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW WHERE TO FIND IT WHEN YOU NEED IT”.