Life at Central Public School is always exciting, students teachers and other staff members make the learning experience memorable.

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Child educators and experts at CPS have scanned the prominent global opinions meticulously in their research to postulate a simple, realistic, age-appropriate and balanced curriculum that would offer a rewarding childhood to children. CPS curriculum is a great mix of Language, Science, Math, Dramatics, Clay-modeling, painting and structuring blocks. Play is intrinsic to a child and the basic mode of learning.

The excitement never stops at Central Public School – students are encouraged to participate in various environmental and social developmental activities

  • Central Public School ensures a 360 degrees development of the student
  • Emotional Development: Comprehending feelings of self and others, managing emotions as well as expressing appropriately.
  • Physical Development: Encompasses the gross motor as well as the fine motor skills with the overall growth and development of the physique.
  • Intellectual Development: The process of making sense of the world which involves the cognitive process like investigating, thinking, analyzing, comprehensions, etc.
  • Creative Development: Fluency of ideas and originality with innovative ways of expressing concepts and thoughts in various aspects like reading, writing, music, body movements, logical and mathematical concepts contribute to creative development.
  • Social Development: Sharing, caring, interacting and knowing one’s self as well as the ability to understand others and effectively create and maintain the relationship.